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The very real medical dangers of Candy Crush Saga

Casual gamers beware: playing Candy Crush could be seriously bad news for your thumbs if you don’t show restraint.

Many of us have endured first world problems from the existence of Candy Crush Saga. Whether it be the naked frustration of being stuck on a level with no lives to have another pop, or getting panelled by mates who desperately want you to see their latest scores, despite you not giving the tiniest toss.

However, one man has suffered more than any other thanks to the hideously addictive game.

Medical journal JAMA recently published a study regarding a man who actually ruptured a tendon in his hand because he was playing the game too much.

The 29-year old patient rocked up at his doctor, complaining of chronic pain in his left thumb and loss of mobility. When questioned about what could have caused such an injury, he ‘fessed up that he’d been playing King’s Candy Crush Saga on his mobile all day for something between six and eight weeks.

After a thorough examination, the man was found to have ruptured his EPL tendon, which is responsible for straightening the end joint of the thumb and pulling the digit in towards the index finger. The damage was so bad that he had to endure peripheral nerve surgery to correct it.

While ruptures of the tendon aren’t terribly uncommon, the fact that someone managed to do such damage from playing a smartphone game has raised concerns.

The study noted that the man had reduced pain perception due to him being engrossed in his game, and went on to suggest that people may lose themselves within their favourite game worlds as a method of pain relief, or they may simply become hopelessly addicted.

Could it be that Candy Crush is the perfect ‘gateway’ game? Will prolonged exposure lead you onto even heavier games? We’re not sure, but we’ll give it some extra thought once we finish this level on Bloodborne.


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