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The War of the Worlds gets interactive for iPad

DER NER-NERRRRRRR! Do-do-do, do-do-do. DER NER-NERRRRRR! Do-do. Do-do. Do-do. And so on.

The War of the Worlds is great, isn’t it? Alas, Jeff Lynne Wayne has nothing to do with new app The War of the Worlds for iPad, but it’s nevertheless also great.

The app is based on the original H.G. Wells book, and has been released by Smashing Ideas as a showcase for iPad’s interactive e-book capabilities, following in the footsteps of apps like Alice for iPad and The Elements.

That includes proper physics, all-new artwork and audio, and most importantly, the chance to use a Martian tripod heat-ray to fry pesky humans.

The 27 interactive pages all include text from the original 1898 novel, but really it’s the interactivity that’s the key, from swiping Martians towards Earth as they start their invasion or creating lightning storms, through to tilting your way through the Red Weeds.

It’s a whopping 270MB download, be warned. But for anyone who loves sci-fi (or really hates humans) it’s well worth a look at its half-price launch promotion of £2.39.

Update: Yes, we have now corrected our Jeff mistake in the intro, and will be listening to ELO albums in penance for a few days…


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