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There’s an official Etch A Sketch app for iPad now

When people want to be nasty about Apple’s iPad, calling it a glorified Etch A Sketch is a common insult. Although given the warm glow of nostalgia that engulfs many people at the thought of the retro drawing toy, the barb possibly isn’t hitting home.

Anyway, iPad now IS an Etch A Sketch, if you download the official Etch A Sketch app. It’s made by developer Freeze Tag, which was responsible for the existing iPhone version of the toy.

You scribble on the touchscreen to make a drawing, then shake the iPad to wipe it. Pictures can be saved to your Camera Roll or posted on Facebook, but you can also import photos that you’ve taken and doodle on top of them.

“Dazzle your friends with doodle masterpieces,” suggests the blurb, which is frankly laying it on a bit thick – your friends are more likely to be impressed by Mirror’s Edge in all honesty. Still, iOS devices are a haven for rose-tinted playmemories – witness the success of the C64 and ZX Spectrum emulator apps on iPhone – so we sense Etch A Sketch HD will do well.

(Even if adding ‘HD’ to an Etch A Sketch app’s name is a bit of a giggle).


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