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Thermogenerator Nokia concept phone is eco-friendly, shaped like a rock shard

The average person has an out of balance phone charger to handset ratio – and none more so than the mobile phone journalist who feels, at times, that those pesky wired boxes actually breed in the kitchen drawer they are inevitably stuffed in. Although the universal charger helps, the Nokia E-Cu concept handset aims to do away with the wired charger altogether.

Created by London designer Patrick Hyland, the Nokia E-Cu concept handset has a thermogenerator built in so that it can convert heat into energy. The copper outer layer, which is designed to look like dry, cracked earth (can you say global warming connotations?), has engraved heatsinks which presumably extrapolate heat energy to convert into charge.

Patrick worked the design up based on the fact that unwanted phone chargers produce around 51,000 tonnes of e-waste each year. The E-Cu concept aims to completely do away with the phone charger, although we’re not convinced that the handset would be able to do a great deal on energy simply garnered from the heat in your pocket or atop a radiator.

The concept pictures show a super-slim handset, which might be a good thing aesthetically but bodes poorly for handset functionality.

[Dezeen via Concept Phones]


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