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ThickButtons for Android: Bigging up the keys that matter

ThickButtons for Android looks set to improve the typing experience on touchscreens by evolving the idea of predictive text. As you can see in the video below, ThickButtons works by enlarging and shrinking certain letters as you begin typing.

ThickButtons reportedly picks up on your slang and learns your favourite words. This is great news as one of the most annoying things about the standard Android keyboard is how it corrects slang and common internet neologisms (‘OMG’ gets changed to ‘Ongoing’ for example). Having your vernacular auto-corrected mid-flow is incredibly irritating – you sometimes feel like yelling ‘don’t censor me!’ at your Android phone.

Of course you can get round this by manually editing the dictionary but having an app which does this automatically is a real breath of fresh air.

We still love Swype for Android but now ThickButtons is here we’re eyeing it up as a potential love rival. We really wish somebody would get rid of that bloody smiley key though. Does anybody actually use it?

You can download the app from the Android Market by heading over to the ThickButtons website here.

Source: UberGizmo


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