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This fat iPhone case seems cuddly, will make you look ridiculous

Marrying the wonderful apps and functionality of the iPhone 4 with the unwieldiness of the chunky, brick-like mobile phones of yore might not sound like the best idea, but it’s what ArkWhat has done with the ArkHippo iPhone case.

Seemingly intended more for docking your iPhone while you watch films than anything else, the ArkHippo case is chunky, bold and, we’re not ashamed to admit, a bit cuddly.

Although we love the bright colours and the fact that it’d look quite cool and cartoon-esque on our bedside tables, it’s not the ideal case. Here’s why:

1. There’s no camera hole on the back of the case, so it’s front-facing photography all the way.
2. There is a little nook for one of the speakers on the bottom of the handset, but the other is covered just like the headphone jack and volume controls.
3. There’s no way to charge your iPhone while it’s in the case.
4. It looks like a kids’ toy so neighbourhood toddlers may try and wrestle it away from you. Could happen.
5. You’d look like a complete moron using it in public.

If all this hasn’t put you off, then send your hard-earned cash in this direction. [via Yanko Design]


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