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This is my phone: Melody Ash, yarn seller

Faithful Recombu readers, it may shock you to discover that not everyone is interested in the next iPhone, or what Google has got up its sleeve. A Hero to some is a man in tights who possesses superpowers and an app could be anything from an apple to an apology.

People like Melody Ash, for example, who co-runs All the Fun of the Fair – a beautiful little yarn shop haberdashery in Kingly Court, London. When she’s not at the shop, she makes and sells knitted goods. An average day for Melody can see her doing anything from knitting little woollen cupcakes to advising customers on the perfect yarn for them or filling mystery bags with buttons and crafty nick-knacks. She has her trusty Nokia 6300 at her side throughout the day, but she doesn’t use it to check her emails play games or use any apps.

“Having the Internet on my phone doesn’t really appeal,” she says. “I like to be relaxed about emails and text messages; I have friends who feel the need to reply as soon as a message or email comes in and that’s just not me. I like to switch off when I’m at home and just relax.”

As a self-confessed traditionalist, Melody has very little need for expansive functionality on her classic Nokia handset, even though the shop is currently making do without a landline and making forays into blogging. So what does Melody use her Nokia for? “I just have a basic SIM-only contract so I don’t change my phone much. I’m happy with what I’ve got now – I just use it for texting and making calls, and that’s about it. It’s got a Bluetooth thing that my Mum tried to get me to use, but I didn’t really see the point.”

Aside from Union Jack tea-cosies and knitted baked goods, All the Fun of the Fair also sells handmade felt phone cases. But despite her crafty lifestyle, Melody hasn’t customised her phone at all – “I have dropped it a few times though,” she says thoughtfully, “So I probably should consider making a little case.”

Find out more about All the Fun of the Fair at the website, blog or if you’re in London and feeling crafty, visit the shop itself.


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