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Three announce HTC Desire HD and Samsung Omnia 7 £35 contracts


The HTC Desire HD and Samsung Omnia 7 are both available to buy on contract from Three now. Both the Android 2.2-powered Desire HD and the Windows Phone 7-enabled Omnia 7 are available from £35 a month on 24 month contracts.

 The cheapest deal is the £35 Internet Texter plan which gives you 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data. The more expensive £38 tariffs give you the same number of messages and data but gives you a chattier 900 minutes. The £40 One Plan deal gives you a massive 2000 minutes, 5000 messages and 1GB of data.

As well as coming with all these free minutes and data, Three is bundling an inclusive two months access to Spotify Premium with the Desire HD. Free access to Twitter is also included in all these contracts (for both phones) so you won’t be eating into your 1GB of data when you’re tweeting on the go.

Video calls, if you’re into them (we’re not that fussed) are charged at 50p per minute on all of the contracts.

Earliest delivery times for both handsets is next Friday the 29th of October.


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