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Three announce Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Hub

Once upon a time, you bought a USB 3G dongle so you could stay connected on your laptop at all times. As the days flew by, you encountered situations where you needed the internets on more than just one machine. You were jealous of those with MiFis, especially the shiny new Huawei E586. If only there were a way to share what you had!

Three have solved your problem, announcing their Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Hub. The premise is simple: stick your existing USB dongle into the Hub and a wireless network will automagically be set up so you can share your connection with up to five people. It supports the latest HSPA+ dongles too, so you’re good to go for speeds of up to 21Mbit/s.

Of course, this is very much a static solution. The intended use is for your connection to be shared at home, or perhaps in the office, since the Hub does require a mains adaptor to function. If you want everyone to be able to watch Nyan Cat fly across the universe while you’re out and about, you might want to look at at a MiFi instead.

The Three Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi Hub is apparently compatible with “almost all” USB dongles, but we recommend you check the compatibility list, just in case.

No word on price or availability yet, but keep an eye on Three’s Coming Soon page.