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Three announces pricing for the new iPad

Three has just announced pricing for the new iPad that’s launching this Friday the 16th of March.

Upfront prices for Apple’s new iPad on Three start at £99 for the 16GB 4G and Wi-Fi iPads on a 24 month contract. The basic Three contract will cost £29 a month and you’ll get a generous 15GB of data a month to play with.

If you fancy paying a little less for your 16GB 4G and Wi-Fi new iPad then there’s a £25 a month option which gives you the same 15GB data limit and sees the asking price for the new iPad itself climbing to £159.

The full breakdown of Three’s new iPad prices is as follows:

  • 16GB      £99  up front      £29 a month
  • 16GB      £159 up front     £25 a month
  • 32GB      £169 up front     £29 a month
  • 32GB      £229 up front     £25 a month
  • 64GB      £249 up front     £29 a month
  • 64GB      £299 up front     £25 a month

Each contract is 24 months long and gives you the same 15GB a month to play with.

Those who don’t fancy locking in to a long term contract can pay for the new iPad up front and make use of Three’s monthly rolling plans.

These work out at £7.50 a month for 1GB of data or £15 a month for 10GB of data – twice the money for ten times the internet access.

Prices for the new iPad are £479, £549 and £629 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB editions.

The new iPads will also be compatible with Three’s forthcoming HSPA+ upgrades which’ll see you benefitting from faster download speeds. Thomas Malleschitz, marketing director at Three told us: “Teaming up our leading-edge HSPA+ network with the innovative new iPad is great news for our customers. Our customers already enjoy superfast internet on the move, and with an excellent range of great value price plans and our leadership in fast UK mobile broadband, we look forward to being the network of choice for new iPad customers.”

You’ll be able to buy the new iPad from Three from this Friday the 16th onwards from selected Three stores and     


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