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Woman’s private details show up on resold iPhone

A woman who returned a handset she bought from mobile operator Three was shocked to find that the phone was sold to another man who later contacted her to tell her he could see her private details.

According to reports from the Gloucester Citizen, Kacy-Jo Frasca returned the old iPhone after she said it had a faulty screen to a Three store in Gloucester back in March.

The 23-year-old was last week contacted by a man who claimed he was able to view photos and emails as the phone was still linked to her iCloud account. He also claimed to be able to see banking details and phone numbers in her contact list.

The man described personal photos and videos that Frasca had only recently taken that were uploaded to the cloud from her new iPhone. The files could be seen by the man on the phone previously owned by Frasca.

Frasca told the Citizen, “I just feel a bit sick. He can see my whole life. Photos of me, some of my brother who has passed away, links to my bank accounts, everything. And it’s linked in some way and still updating.”

While her old handset should have been wiped and reconditioned before resale, she claimed this could not have happened. She said that Apple told her that the old mobile had not been wiped properly and Three should have wiped the phone prior to going on sale again.

A spokesman for Three told the Daily Mail that the company was investigating the case and would work with the customer to resolve the situation.


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