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Three INQ1 Review


The INQ1, also known as ‘the Facebook phone’, is a low-cost social networking device developed by INQ, a subsidiary of 3. It’s available exclusively on the 3 network and free on practically every contact.

What we like
If you like being connected to your friends at all times then the INQ1 offers easy access to Facebook, Skype and Windows Live Messenger. One of our favourite features is how it syncs your mobile contacts with friends on Facebook and Skype, giving you access to their info and profile picture, which cleverly pops up when they call you.

The INQ1’s menu system and overall interface is straightforward, displaying icons on the main menu along the bottom of the screen that you can scroll through using the navigation key. Almost anyone will be able to use this phone and the keypad is large and easy to press. Finally, we liked that the INQ1 offers HSDPA (3.5G) which adds a kick when you’re browsing the Web.

What we don’t like
The INQ1 might be packed with social-networking features but the rest of it is very basic indeed. It looks very boring and doesn’t have a great camera, Wi-Fi or a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The 3.2-megapixel camera was disappointing in low light due to the lack of flash and even in daylight we weren’t overly impressed by its pictures.

Although we like the INQ’s keypad, it’s not great when it comes to typing long messages – a full Qwerty would have been better. We’re also disappointed that there’s no built-in Twitter client and hope to see one in the future.

The INQ1 is a superb social networking phone that offers a great experience when it comes to keeping in touch with friends. It’s inexpensive, easy-to-use and works really well, unlike certain other phones marketing themselves as social networking phones. The only thing we’re not crazy about is its design that makes it look like an awfully boring phone, which it isn’t.




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