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Three simplifies call, text, and data rates on PAYG

Three offers some very tempting PAYG deals already, but the network has further simplified its offerings for those who simply want to top up their phone and go. Starting from today, Three will provide three basic rates for calls, texts, and data.

It’s pretty simple all in all: calls will now cost 3p per minute, texts will cost 2p each, and data will cost 1p per MB. Anyone topping up their phone doesn’t have to add a special bundle or specific deal, either – the new rates will kick in automatically. That’s great news for anyone who likes to keep things nice and simple.

Still, this seems to favour light users rather than regular smartphone addicts. If you’re a heavier data user, then the new rates will quickly eat into your credit. You might be better off simply sticking to one of Three’s existing PAYG bundles, such as All In One 10 or 15. At least the new rates are available for everyone: Three says that existing customers as well as new ones can take advantage of the new rates starting from today.


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