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Three rolls out HD Voice roadmap: clearer calls coming to ‘most’ phones by autumn

If you’re on Three and you’re fed up of jamming your little finger in the other ear to drown out rush hour noises, then your Dom Joly days should soon be over.

Three has announced that it intends to allow for high definition voice calls to be made on the majority of phones on its network by the end of this autumn.

HD Voice calling filters out background noises and other gremlins on the line, meaning you can easily hear the person on the other end against the sounds of the 19:48 to Waterloo.

As of now, the HTC Desire S, Nokia C7, Nokia E7 and Nokia N8 all benefit from HD Voice calls on Three, as does the Samsung Omnia 7.

Three tells us that the following handsets are also due to be HD Voice-enabled this year:

HTC Desire HD

Nokia C6, C3, X6, X3, E52, E725230, 6720, E5, and E55

Sony Ericsson Elm, X10 Mini, Xperia Play, Xperia Arc, X8 and Xperia Pro.

These phones will be get HD Voiced-up after a software update.

We’re investigating on how to get this update up and running on your phone now. It could well be an OTA (over the air) deal, in which case you’ll probably have to wait until Three pushes it out; we’ll let you know.

At the moment, HD Voice calls on Three only work if you’re calling someone else on Three. We understand that Three is working on cross-network HD calls, but there’s no ETA on when this will happen yet.

Given that Orange launched HD calling on its network last year, we’d expect to see Three-Orange HD voice calls to be the among the first to arrive.

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