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Three to offer Nokia Lumia 800 for £399 on Pay As You Go

There was a little bit of confusion last week with the Nokia Lumia 800’s pricing. The Carphone Warehouse originally sent out PR stating the Windows Phone Mango handset would be available for £449.95 on Pay As You Go, but The Guardian was given information that the phone would only be purchasable on a contract. Odd, to say the least.

The fog is starting to clear, and the PAYG Lumia 800 is indeed in sight. If you take a peek on Nokia’s official site and click through to try and pre-order the phone, you’ll notice that while Vodafone and Orange are listed under PAYG, there’s nothing to purchase just yet. Select Three, and the Lumia 800 will apparently be yours for £399 when it hits shelves.

Attempting to follow through on the price and pre-order just takes you through to Three’s Lumia 800 landing page, but keep an eye out and you might just be able to snag the first real Windows Phone without committing to a contract after all.

Source: Nokia via Twitter