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Times Higher Education launches university rankings app for iPhone

A-Level students working out which universities to apply to have a job on their hands: there’s so many to pick from, and so many metrics to influence their decision. Yes, more than just which bands have played there recently, and how much a pint costs in the union bar. Really.

The Times Higher Education Magazine is aiming to help with the release of an app that compares 400 of the top universities around the world, based on its famously detailed rankings.

Students can enter their own criteria to narrow down the list according to their own interests, as well as sorting by continent, country, region, cost of living and tuition fee costs. Individual universities can be saved as ‘Liked’ for a shortlist, and is based on the latest data, released in September.

It’s a neat idea, with social features allowing you to boast to friends on Facebook and Twitter about your intentions to go to Harvard and ‘do a Zuckerberg’. At 59p, it’s currently a steal too.


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