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Tinder and LinkedIn love child wants to make job hunting easier

A new recruitment app inspired by the slick design of apps like Tinder and Uber is hoping to revolutionise the job search experience.

The principal behind the Swedish-born SelfieJobs app is simple. You post your best selfie, then include a short video pitch detailing who you are, what you want and why you’re the best person in the world before tacking on a few bullet points about your education and work history.

You then select what you’re looking for, an employer selects what they’re looking for. If the wants are the same, both parties are matched and the employer can decide whether or not you’re the candidate for them. Essentially it’s the same system used by the dating app, Tinder.

So if you’re a good looking, photogenic sort of person, as well as being capable in your chosen area of expertise, your chances of getting the job of your dreams will be much higher than if you just fired off a .doc file detailing yourself.

SelfieJobs CEO Martin Tall said: “Simplicity has arrived to recruitment as one of the last industries. Its truly a ‘win win’ for both jobseekers and companies on the hunt for talent. Time is money and the waste with traditional CVs and applications systems is horrendous.”

The team behind the service claim you can have your profile up and running within two minutes, thanks to their “special sauce”, which condenses down all of your details into a short, easily digestible slug of information. That means you can get on with your life and potential employers can scan through candidates quickly and easily, without having to burden themselves with reams of paper CVs.

The service will also let you promote yourself across social media with a single click and apply for jobs in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands simply by changing your location – à la Uber – giving you the opportunity to cast your net far and wide with little fuss.

SelfieJobs, which launched with the tagline “Apply with a Like!” in November 2014, already boasts more than 10,000 users and that number is sure to rise as the service expands across Europe and eventually into the US.

Its frank approval system is certain to appeal to younger job seekers and employers, certainly more so than LinkedIn, which remains a rather cluttered, inconsistent tool for recruitment.

The SelfieJobs app is available for iOS, Android and on the web. Probably worth a look if you are on the hunt for employment. Unless, of course, you look like Sloth from The Goonies.


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