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Tinie Tempah launches a pocket-sized iPhone app

Grime whippersnapper Tinie Tempah is one of the breakout stars of the UK music scene this year, with a debut album set to make a splash next month. Now he’s got his own iPhone app too.

Tinie Tempah Mobile Backstage is partly a way for Tinie to connect with his fans via tweets, Facebook posts, push notifications and videos. However, it’s also designed to help fans connect with one another via social networks, and their own videos and photos.

It ties in neatly with Facebook and Twitter, while using location-based features to pinpoint people’s whereabouts in their profiles and posts. Tinie isn’t the first UK artist to use the Mobile Backstage technology that the app is based on – Dizzee Rascal is also using it.

One quibble: aren’t many of Tinie’s fans using BlackBerries nowadays? Just a thought.

Update: RIM has informed us that this app is avaiable for BlackBerries, so get it now kids.


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