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Today’s 10p Android apps: Camera Zoom FX and Apparatus

Today’s 10p Android apps have been released by Google and again there are some fantastic choices.

Among the 12 apps available for 10p you get Recombu favourites Apparatus, a puzzle where you build elaborate machines to move marbles around.

Camera Zoom FX is a must-have app for photographers, the user interface offers a huge range of features – far more than the stock Android browser.

Here’s the complete list in full:

Camera Zoom FX
Colour and Draw for Kids
Heavy Gunner 3D
Majesty: Fantasy Kingdon
Puffle Launch
Sentinel 3
Star Chart
Shine Runner
Talking Ben The Dog
TileStorm HD

Download via the Android Market from your phone, or on a desktop, sending it remotely.

Via: Reddit


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