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TomTom iPhone car kit hands-on


We just managed to get a sneak peek at the TomTom iPhone car kit and found out a few cool bits of info — sadly it wasn’t that the car kit will be sold as a bundle. TomTom explained to us that the car kit should work with any sat-nav iPhone apps and that it will be made available this month.

The car kit feels solid and it’s easy to slot an iPhone into it. The suction cup uses a twist system so you won’t need to lick the cup to make it stick. Overall we think it’s a nice design but we really think it should come bundled with the app.

In other news, we found out that the app will get free updates, including advance lane guidance and an extended speed camera database. Check this bit of info though — there have been over [we have been asked to remove the exact figure but it was high] downloads of the TomTom iPhone app, which blew our minds considering how expensive it is.