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Top 10 best starter apps for your new iPad or iPhone

Got a new iPhone or iPad? Here’s our list of the essential top ten apps you need to download from the App Store right now, to get the most from your Apple device.

10. Mailbox

We’re not big fans of the Apple Mail app, although it’s admittedly getting better. The Mailbox app provides a wonderful clean interface, which makes checking the mail less of a chore.

9. Chrome

We also don’t get on too well with Safari, Apple’s web browsing app, so we’d recommend downloading Chrome instead. Fiddling around with dozens of open browser windows is nice and easy and you can build up a huge collection of neatly-organised bookmarks if you’re a web fiend.

8. Facebook

An essential for socialites, Facebook shows you exactly what your mates and family are up to and allows you to share whatever you like, be it your thought for the day or just a stupid video you found online.

7. WhatsApp/Google Hangouts/Facebook Messenger

If you want to chat with your friends but you don’t have unlimited texts in your mobile plan, the likes of WhatsApp will be a godsend. You can chat as much as you like for free (as long as you’ve got a data allowance to support it or a Wi-Fi connection) and you can even send photos and the like if text won’t cut it. Alternatively, if lots of your friends also rock iPhones, try Apple’s iMessage app.

6. Google Photos

If you love taking photos and videos with your new iPhone, chances are you’ll run out of free iCloud storage in about half an hour. Good news, though – you can just download the Google Photos app, which automatically backs up your snaps to Google’s servers with unlimited free storage. Best of all, you can then see your photos from any other device or computer by logging into Google Photos with your account. Hassle-free and brilliant.

5. Netflix/Amazon Instant Video/Now TV/Sky Go

For a few quid each month you can stream as much TV and movie action as you like from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. Each service has its own exclusive content and there’s more than enough to see even the biggest couch potato through the festive period. Alternatively, if you’re a Now TV or Sky customer, you can download content to your iPad or iPhone using the Now TV or Sky Go apps.

4. Kindle/Audible

If you’ve got yourself a spangly new iPad or the iPhone 6 Plus, put that spacious screen to good use by downloading the Kindle app and getting stuck into some books. Amazon’s online selection is immense and you can check out samples for free before you buy. If you’ve got an iPhone with a smaller screen, you might be better off with Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service.

3. Instagram

Instagram is another social app which allows you to share photos and images of whatever you like with your mates and the rest of the world. It’s a great way to compile an online scrapbook with your favourite photos, showing off all of the crazy stuff you get up to.

2. iCatcher

Podcasts are still ridiculously popular and iCatcher is one of the best ways to indulge. Simply tell it which podcasts you’d like to enjoy and the app will download new episodes automatically when you have data connection. You can pick up any podcast where you last left off and there’s even an option to speed up a show to get through it quicker.

1. Feedly

If you need the latest headlines delivered straight to your iPhone or iPad, Feedly is a great way to do it. Just select your favourite websites, including Recombu of course, and you’ll see the latest posts pop up in your feed.

Got any suggestions for essential iOS apps? Let us know in the comments below.


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