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Top 10 free games on iPhone

As the holidays approach, money may be a bit tight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cram a handful of good games onto your iPhone before your holiday. In no particular order, here’s our pick of the best 10 free games on the iPhone.

1. Gun Bros

Perhaps more famous on Android phones, the iPhone hasn’t missed out on this perfect slice of arcade shootery. You can team-up with a friend through 3G or wireless to blast your way though levels together, whilst an in-app payment system means you can also put in real cash for some heavy-duty upgrades.

2. Words With Friends Free

Fans of a certain copyrighted board-game rhyming with ‘Trabble’ will love WWF. Nothing to do with wrestling we assure you; its ultra wallet-friendly price-tag means it has already stolen a lead on the official game now also out on iTunes, whilst cross-device login system means you can play with Android phone-toting friends, even if their choice of phone disgusts you.

3. Hoggy

Hoggy is an inexplicably cute platformer that sees you collecting fruit, combining puzzling and platform game-styles. That’s about it, but it’s nice to see some energy has gone into maing this a highly polished game. And no, he doesn’t look like Kirby. Thanks.

4. Farmville

Transplanted from it’s popular base on Facebook, the iPhone version means you can continue to maintain your farm- wherever you are. Farmville is a real-time farm simulator, where you have to manage your own virtual farm by planting, virtual crops, trees, and raising livestock, and making some money.]

You’ll still need a Facebook account to play, but there’s extra exclusive content for playing on the iPhone or iPad. You can even bring across your old Farmville account, and switch between several accounts on its options page.

5. The Nightjar

The Nightjar is one of the more loosely branded app games we’ve seen. It wasn’t until we saw the about section of this app that we spotted it’s tie-in to chewing gum. Ignoring the opaque sponsorship, the game is an audio-based tour-de-force.

There aren’t any graphics really, you press on two glowing blue pads to plod around, and a semi-circle acts as your steering. it’s up to your ears to navigate around the game, listen to the buzz of electric doors, run fast when you hear something ‘wrong’, it’s an atmospheric masterpiece. And it features the voice of Benedict Cumberbatch- you know, Sherlock Holmes.

6. Stardunk

Finally, basketball and space together at last, and no Warner Bros. characters in sight. This one pitches you against the clock to slam the space-ball into the net. Time-based, though it’s easy to learn the ropes, but there’s always the challenge of beating your best time. There’s also a multiplayer option, with the iTunes link boasting that Stardunk now has “over 4 million players”.

7. Cave Bowling

Another game combination presumably crafted with words and a dfart board, Cave bowling is now free for the summer, it’s a 2D game with an addictive physics engine to power the bowling bowl through obstacles like dinosaurs, turtles, coconuts and jungle foliage.

Limited-time sale, get it while it’s still free.

8. Tiny Tower

We at Recombu have a tiny soft spot for the Game Dev Story games, but Tiny Tower is offering up a slightly similar management sim- for free.

Earn money whilst managing the businesses and tiny people, and you’ll be able to extend your tower, and expand the types of floor possible. You’re even able to customise the look of your adorable tenants (called bitizens) down to their clothes. We’d advise 1984-style boiler-suits for all.

9. Real Racing GTI

It’s hard to belive this isn’t a paid-for game, but it is. Acting as a free introduction to the other Real Racing games, there’s six different vehicles to choose from, and the 3D models on your iPhone’s retina screen will wow any nearby gawkers.

There’s also three different game modes; time trial, quick race, and a cup championship, available on three different tracks

10. Eternity Warriors

Free to play, but including a cheeky in-app store to exchange real money for improvements, this is a brilliantly addictive game regardless.

Hack and bash your way around, collecting new equipment, money, and generally saving the world at the same time. Another impressive graphics show, it’s the closest you’re going to get to an iOS-version of Diablo 2, a PC game that nearly destroyed the social lives of thousands. Addictive stuff.


Missing any hidden gems? Any free games you like to shout about? Let us know below or @recombu


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