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Top ten mobile moments of 2009

Before you forget 2009 even existed, let’s look back at the year that brought us some of mobile’s most exciting moments. Yes, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for, another top ten.

Comeback kids – A few years ago Palm and Motorola looked like they were going to slowly fade into obscurity but 2009 has seen both companies make a comeback of sorts. Let’s hope it lasts.

Death of the megapixel – For a time manufacturers, such as LG and Samsung, focussed on upgrading cameras phones. 2009 thankfully saw an end to the industry’s obsession with megapixels.

OEM comes out – The HTC Hero and HD2 are two of this year’s finest phones, which is incredible considering they were made by a relatively young company. 2009 has been a great year for HTC.

The super network – This year saw Orange and T-Mobile announce a merger that will make them the largest mobile network in the UK with 28.4 million customers.

Streaming sounds – Spotify launched its mobile app this year and got investment from Hutchison Whampoa followed by a Spotify deal on 3. Mobile music has arrived.

Blackberry goes Burberry – Blackberry Curve, the first affordable Blackberry range, really took off this year. Teenagers across the country rejoiced and ran out to get one on the double.
Flashy flashmobs – T-Mobile decided the best way to showcase its wares was through spontaneous outbreaks of dancing and singing. Then, thankfully, it stopped doing them.

Mobile Wi-Fi – This year we got to play with a little box that let’s you access the Internet over Wi-Fi using 3G. In other words it’s magic and we love it. A must have gadget for any travelling geek.
Apple mainstream – The iPhone got sick of monogamy and started seeing Orange as well as O2. Then O2 hooked up with Tesco to offer iPhones on 12-month contracts. Gets around, doesn’t it?
Rise of the services – 2009 saw us all Tweeting, Spotifying, Facebooking and Skyping from our phones with gay abandon as mobile apps and services exploded like never before.