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Toshiba Tablet to be Android-powered. First half of 2011 release date.

Though already announced in Las Vega last month, Toshiba were showing off their own Android-powered tablet this week in Barcelona.

Were not sure what Toshiba’s offering will have to make it stand out from the Android tablet crowd, but we’re always ready to be surprised.

One thing that does differentiate it from other tablets is Toshiba’s decision to give their 10.1-inch tablet a 16:10 screen ratio; “allowing a cinematic experience for video viewing and gaming.”

The currently nameless tablet will be 3G connectable, with GPS, and the tablet standard of two, front and rear-facing, cameras.

Like Motorola’s Xoom, a five-megapixel primary camera will be on the back, with the front-camera ready for video chat, or to double-up as a lavish techno-mirror.

The 10.1-inch screen will be capable of HD video, powered by the mobile dual-core chip, the Nvidia Tegra 2, and you’ll also be able to share those media through a HDMI port to your big-screen telly.

The screen will have Toshiba’s ‘adaptive display’ technology, tweaking brightness and contrast automatically through the tablet’s own ambient light sensors. Their Resolution+ technology also promises to enhance lower resolution videos for their screen.

There will also be a full-sized USB port for connecting to your own camera, or ready for extra USB storage. This is in addition to and SD card slot. Naturally, the Honeycomb version of Android will there, promising to make the most of those dual processors and big-screen real estate.

Without a name, price-tag and a vague “first half of 2011” release date, we’ll be updating you with these details and more when we get them.


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