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Toshiba’s tablet twosome: ‘World’s thinnest’ 10.1-inch and cost-effective 7-inch slates tipped for CES

Looks like Toshiba’s got a couple of tricks up its sleeve for CES; a pair of tablets that could shake up the increasingly crowded portable slate space.

First up is a 10.1-inch tab that’s being tipped as the ‘world’s thinnest’, according to a translated press release. The press blurb mentions that the screen will be an organic EL display, which are thinner and more flexible than LCD types. If true, then this would lend that ‘world’s thinnest’ claim some weight.

It’s going to have be a skinnier than the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1’s 8.6mm waist, making us wonder just how much room inside there’s going to be. A benchmark for an unnamed Toshiba product suggests that this could be a quad-core tablet, so it’ll hopefully be plenty fast. We do wonder what features might be scaled down – the camera(s) perhaps? – in the quest for size zero-dom. This might not matter to us Brits though, as it looks like this could be a US-only deal, at least initially.

On the other end of the spectrum comes word that Toshiba will be cranking out an inexpensive dual-core tablet with a smaller 7-inch screen. Rumoured spec includes a display resolution of 1024 x 600 an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core chip plus microUSB, microSD connections, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The screengrabs uneaerthed by Notebook Italia show off a camera unit as well, but no mention of megapixel power or video recording prowess.

Cheap, 7-inch tabs are all the rage now with the BlackBerry PlayBook and Dell Streak 7 going for a fraction of their original RRP’s. The Amazon Kindle Fire is too clearing up in the US. We think that if Toshiba is prepared to aggressively price a 7-inch tab it could do well.

Toshiba in the UK declined to comment when we spoke to them about either of these making an appearance at CES or whether either tab would be coming to the UK. We will of course be dropping by the Toshiba stand at Las Vegas next week, so stay tuned.

Source: Notebook Italia via Android Central, Toshiba via Phone Arena


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