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Touch Pets Dogs game gets an iPhone sequel

Yes, yes, a dog isn’t just for Christmas. If you pace yourself, you can eke out some sandwiches on Boxing Day too. Etc etc.

Mobile social games publisher ngmoco’s Touch Pets Dogs game has been making virtual pooch owners happy all year round, and now it’s got a sequel – the aptly named Touch Pets Dogs 2.

It’s free to download and play, and funded by in-app purchases – which according to the App Store right now, include an eye-watering £59.99 for a barrel of virtual bones. Man’s best friend, yes, but that’s going some compared to the price of a can of Pedigree Chum.

The game looks great though: you pet and play with your dog, while spoiling them rotten with sticks, toys, treats and soaped-up sponges. The environment is personalisable to the nth degree, and social features include the ability to visit friends’ houses, and invite their dogs over for ‘playdates’.

It’s going squarely after younger gamers – specifically the younger games who would have loved Nintendogs a few years ago – showing how iPhone and iPod touch are giving DS a run for its money.


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