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Touchscreen type like a magician with Swype

No one’s denying that touchscreen phones are amazing; swishing your finger across that glossy capacitive screen can bring satisfaction like no other, but sometimes writing texts and emails can be a bit of a chore. Even with scarily intuitive – and occasionally mind-reading – predictive text.

Put an end to these woes with Swype, a wonderfully magical tool that makes touchscreen typing a joy. Instead of poking endlessly at the exact bit of the screen that correlates to the letter you need, you just swipe finger in a path through the letters of the word you’re writing. It’s quick, it’s fun and it makes you feel like a wizard.


Well, we imagine it does from the looks of the video above. Swype is currently only available in the US on the Samsung Omnia II on Windows Mobile so we haven’t had the opportunity to try it out just yet. But with founders like the co-inventer of T9, otherwise known as predictive text, and the developer of the Windows on-screen keyboard, Swype has a heritage not to be baulked at. And what’s more, both Nokia and Samsung have just invested in the plucky young start-up, so let’s hope that means we’ll be seeing Swype on our shores and our touchscreen phones soon too.


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