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Toyota creates Smart Navigation system using the Nintendo DS

Technologists at Japanese car manufacturer Toyota have been hard at work trying to enhance your driving experience and have come up with a new Smart Navi system using a Nintendo DS. The system, called Kuruma de DS (more or less: “Use the DS in the Car”), turns the handheld games console into a navigation remote control

As reported by Kotaku the Kuruma de DS takes the form of a game card that slots into the Nintendo DS and connects to Toyota’s vehicles via Bluetooth. Once paired with the car, users can use the navigation system straight away.

 Smart Navi system in action with Nintendo DS remote 

Much like other navigation systems, Kuruma de DS allows its users to input destinations, save favourites and provides directions via a map. A nice little extra to the system is a DS speedometer and additional sightseeing info so you can stop off on journeys to take in a bit of culture.

Incorporating the Nintendo DS experience in nicely is the addition of Nintendo Mii characters, quizzes and you can also listen to content on the DS via your cars speakers.

Before you go rushing out to get one, you better hope that piggy bank of yours is full of £50 notes as this isn’t cheap … the top end in-car Smart Navi will set you back ¥206,850 (around £1,631), plus the Kuruma de DS is an extra ¥7,329 (around £57) on top of that. Of course you’ll also need a Nintendo DS too – which is the cheapest component of a very large number.


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