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Transport for London launching official iPhone journey planner app

Strange though it may sound, people still use journey planner websites and print out the results, to help them navigate trains, tubes or roads on their way from A to B. However, apps are starting to take the strain, including one from Transport for London.

My TfL will let you plan tube, bus, tram, DLR, train, river and cycle journeys across the UK capital, pulling in live travel information. You’ll be able to search by stop/station, point of interest or postcode, with a Locate Me option to quickly pinpoint your position and suggest the nearest station.

You can save your regular journeys, and tap into an interactive tube map to make sense of the London underground. Plus, the app will use Navteq maps to help you get from the station or bus stop to your final destination on foot.

Why is all this in the future tense? Well, we noticed the app pop up on the AppShopper website, but at the time of writing, it’s not yet available on the UK App Store. We assume that means it wasn’t supposed to go live just yet, but is due to launch soon.


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