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Trucks and Skulls is the new Angry Birds. But with more trucks. And skulls.

You certainly can’t accuse iPhone developer Appy Entertainment of being unenthusiastic in the App Store listing for its new game Trucks and Skulls.

“This is the physics puzzler you’ve been waiting for! Smash NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS!” they explain, before promising an “INSANE STUNT CIRCUS on the TOUR OF DOOM.”

The game sees you launching trucks off a ramp, then tapping on them to pull stunts before crashing into scaffolding and ‘lurking, leering skulls’. Which may sound familiar, if you swap birds for trucks, and pigs for skulls. Yes, it’s fair to say Trucks and Skulls is one of the first ‘post Angry Birds’ games to hit the App Store.

Still, why not? It’s a bit like Angry Birds for the Top Gear crowd: Clarkson and co may not have actually tried sending trucks through the air in the direction of human bones, but you can bet they’d leap at the chance.




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