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Try iOS 7 right here, right now

Update: The demo has been taken down at the request of Apple.

Apple has already released the first beta version of iOS 7, but only those with developer credentials currently have access to a live, working version on their devices. If you’re not too keen about messing around with UDIDs and buggy betas, why not give our interactive iOS 7 demo a whirl?

Naturally, this isn’t the whole experience that iOS 7 offers – there’s only so much you can do with HTML and Javascript alone. All the wonderful animations and transitions are missing from our experience, but the roots of the redesign are all there, showing off the new range of icons as well as the core apps that have been tweaked.

We’ve even included some of the new features of iOS 7 for you to play around with. You can pull up Control Center and fiddle with some toggles, try out the new keyboard in Messages, and even take a cheeky snap of yourself using your computer’s webcam in the Camera app.

Quick reminder, though: iOS 7 isn’t anywhere near finished yet. Certain elements are no doubt going to change before the final release, and as we mentioned above, this isn’t an entirely fair representation of the full operating system. Think of this more as a fun little demo rather than a serious showcase of the OS. With that in mind, click away and enjoy.


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