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Try out the OnePlus 3 on the official Euro Tour 2016

If you’re still on the fence about the excellent OnePlus 3, you’ll be able to have a play during the OnePlus European tour, which sees one-day pop-ups appearing in thirteen cities across seven different countries. Here are the dates and locations for the OnePlus 3 Euro Tour 2016.

What is the OnePlus 3 Euro Tour 2016?

OnePlus’ next Euro Tour 2016 kicks off on July 15th, hitting 13 cities across the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. The OnePlus bus will park up in each city for a full day and give fans (and potential fans) the chance to check out the OnePlus 3 smartphone for themselves.

You’ll be able to experience the coolest OnePlus 3 features such as Dash Charge, while also bagging yourself some OnePlus loot (if you get there early enough), entering competitions to win OnePlus’ VR headset and more besides.

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When and where will the OnePlus 3 Euro Tour 2016 be stopping?

These are the dates and locations of the next OnePlus 3 Euro Tour:

July 15 – Manchester

July 17 – London

July 19 – Paris

July 21 – Madrid

July 23 – Barcelona

July 25 – Lyon

July 27 – Milan

July 29 – Rome

July 31 – Munich

August 2 – Berlin

August 4 – Dusseldorf

August 5 – Amsterdam

August 8 – Brussels

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