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TuiTwit solves your expensive Twitter roaming issues

There’s nothing worse than spending a week abroad on holiday merrily tweeting about your activities, only to get home and be greeted by a whopping mobile data bill. However, we’ve found a mobile website that could help.

It’s called TuiTwit and is based in Indonesia. You get to it by typing into your mobile browser, and then signing in with your Twitter login. The service is a mobile website client for Twitter, letting you browse your timeline, replies and direct messages, as well as uploading photos and using Twitter Search.

So far, so However, TuiTwit promises to be even more data-friendly, since each page on the site is pegged at less than nine kilobytes in size. It does for Twitter what Opera Mini does for general web browsing – if you’re going abroad, both could be saviours for your wallet.

Just over 62,000 people have used TuiTwit since it launched in October last year, and most of those are in Indonesia, so it’s still under the radar here in the West. It’s well worth a look though.


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