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Tumbleroo aims to be the best iPad Tumblr app yet

Blogging site Tumblr is catching on, especially among the younger web users who don’t seem so enthused about Twitter. Now there’s a new iPad app available which claims to be the first proper native iPad client for the service.

It’s called Tumbleroo, and claims to offer “big colourful photos, full-screen videos, and all the liking and reblogging you can handle”.

That means giving Tumblr users access to a full dashboard to oversee their posts and activity, complete with a built-in web browser to follow links to external websites.

Marking other people’s posts as ‘Liked’ takes a tap, and the app supports multiple Tumblr blogs, and lets posts be pumped out to Twitter as well. If you’ve caught the Tumblr bug, the app is well worth a look – at least until the actual Tumblr ports its existing iPhone app to iPad.



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