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Turn your iPhone into a frickin’ laser, fan, torch, stethoscope…

We know there’s an app for ‘everything’ but we never thought it would get this far. HMB TEC has produced a series of iPhone accessories which turn the iPhone into a fan, laser, torch, thermometer, heart monitor, infrared remote, microphone and even a stethoscope. This eclectic range of accessories work using the iPhone’s 3.5mm headphone jack and HMB TEC’s apps.

Just in case you’re wondering if these are real products we’ve embedded a few YouTube videos below of the fan, the torch and our personal favourite the laser – because who doesn’t want to turn their iPhone into a frickin’ laser? The accessories cost between £12 and £60 (not inc £3.50 UK shipping charge) and HMB TEC’s apps cost between 59p and £3.50. The laser accessory and app work out at around £26.





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