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Turn your phone into a real working Fallout Pip-boy

The pricey collector’s edition of Fallout 4 will give fans of the title the one thing they’ve always wanted: their very own working Pip-boy. And skint fans can now download a free iOS Fallout game, Fallout Shelter, which is coming soon for Android too.

If you’re a gaming fan like us at Recombu Towers, you’ll be soiling yourself with excitement now that Bethesda Studios finally revealed Fallout 4. Well, prepare to explode with sheer joy at news of the Fallout 4 collector’s edition, which includes an actual Pip-boy wrist computer which can house your smartphone as a fully-functioning touchscreen.

The Pip-boy is a specially-crafted phone case which is designed to hold a variety of different-sized handsets, while a companion app will display your info, messages and so on like Fallout’s in-game Pip-boy.

The collector’s edition of Fallout 4 costs a wallet-emptying £99.99, but dedicated Fallout fans will no doubt be falling over themselves to pre-order for the funky collectible.

Naturally, if you’re too tight to spring for the special edition of the game you’ll still be able to use the companion app and, with a little bit of time and a couple of roles of duct-tape, you may even be able to rig yourself up a DIY Pip-boy.

While we’re on the subject of Fallout, we’re also psyched to hear that Bethesda has rolled out a brand new iOS game to gets us excited for Fallout 4’s release, set for November 10th.

Fallout Shelter is basically a base-building iPhone title in the same vein as Little Computer People, where you’re tasked with building a vault and overseeing its day-to-day running. Your vault’s inhabitants will all have full stats and will level-up in time, and they’ll also have all the kit they need to go raiding in the wastelands, to gather supplies.

Fallout Shelter is a free download for iOS but, as we’ve come to expect, there are a bunch of in-app purchases offered to allow the lazy and crap at gaming a leg-up. It’s available to download right now on Apple’s App Store.

Android users, don’t despair – a version of Fallout Shelter is reportedly incoming for your platform of choice, but Bethesda hasn’t yet confirmed a release date.


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