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Tweetdeck touches town on Android

Tweetdeck, the popular social management desktop program, is coming to Android. A beta version of the app is available now and is being put through it’s paces. Mashable has got its hands on this early version and Tweedeck for Android looks to be very promising although it is still “very beta” [their quotes].

In a nutshell, Tweetdeck for Android integrates feeds from Twitter and Facebook as well as Foursquare and Google Buzz, allowing you to keep up with your friends and followers in one simple app.

Social networking aggregation on Android has been tried before but we’ve not yet experienced something that has truly unified social networks on a phone. What we’ve heard from Mashable suggest that Tweetdeck for Android could be a winner.

Updates are colour coded making it easy to distinguish between messages from each social network and presented in a single, uncluttered column. There’s also a “Me” column which gathers all of your @replies and comments from Twitter and Facebook likes to your updates and posts.

We’re eagerly awaiting the rollout of the final product and seeing if social aggregation can finally be done right on a mobile.


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