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Twilight graphic novel gets an iPad release

Fancy some gothic thrills’n’spills on your iPad? No, sorry, the Sisters of Mercy haven’t released an official tablet app. But a little-known vampire series called Twilight Saga has just made its debut on Apple’s device.

Twilight, The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 was already available in a limited Lite version, but now the full thing has touched down on the App Store. It costs £8.99, but for your money you’re getting the whole first instalment of the saga’s graphic novel, as Edward, Bella and company go about their bitey business.

(Yes, I know they’re not all vampires…)

It’s unclear how much interactivity there is beyond simply browsing the pages – but it’s been released in the Books category, so that may not be surprising. Publisher Hachette UK will be hoping that the app benefits from the current huge popularity of the Twilight books and movies.


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