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Twitter acquires Spindle to bolster location discovery features

Twitter has picked up another company in order to bolster its social networking service. This time Twitter has purchased Spindle, a location discovery and check-in service that provides similar functionality to Foursquare. AllThingsD covered the blog post put together by Spindle, which outlines how the company will be moving to San Francisco to join the Twitter team.

There’s no word on exactly how much Twitter bought Spindle for, but the significance of the deal is more important. Typically you’ll see Twitter users posting where they are through Foursquare, with the location check-in service then informing others about the place using reviews and photos. If Twitter can build that kind of functionality straight into its existing service, then it can simply cut Foursquare out of the equation altogether.

That’s something that Google has been working on itself recently too. The search giant swooped in and grabbed restaurant review system Zagat in late 2011, promptly working the scores into Google search results while providing some value added content other than website results. By sidestepping third party services, social networks only strengthen their features while keeper users close to home.

Having said that, Twitter won’t simply be integrating Spindle straight into its 140-character service. AllThingsD notes that Twitter is shutting the service down for now, most likely so that it can get the software developers to build a version of the service that works more closely with Twitter.


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