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Twitter adds direct message syncing, improves mobile search

One of the most annoying things about Twitter was the inability for direct messages to stay synced across clients on different platforms, but the social networking service has finally fixed this massive flaw. Starting from today, whenever you read a direct message on an Android device or iPhone, it will be automatically marked as read across all Twitter platforms.

That means you won’t get an unread notification on the web the next time you navigate to Twitter’s website. Twitter says that the DM syncing will roll out gradually across its clients, however, so you’ll need to update to the latest version on Android or iOS and wait patiently for the new feature to kick in.

The social networking company has made some other tweaks to its service too. The official Twitter client now features improved support. If you search for a user, for example, Twitter will display an expanded bio so that you can quickly find who you’re looking for. Twitter will also make suggestions based on your searches, displaying similar users or companies.

Finally, Twitter for iPhone has a new tweet composer that will appear when you tap to get the details of a particular tweet. There’s also a new People option in the navigation bar that should make it easier to find additional people to follow. Twitter, then, seems to be placing a particular emphasis on discovery with this update, even if DM syncing is the most welcome addition. The updated clients for Android and iOS should be rolling out now, so head over to the respective app stores and grab them.


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