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Twitter for BlackBerry comes out of beta

RIM’s official Twitter app for BlackBerry is now officially NOT a beta, having been updated to version in the BlackBerry App World store.

The app was criticised when it first emerged for not having as many features as rival apps like UberTwitter and Seesmic. However, during the course of the beta, the app was improved, with new features allowing people to do more. That includes seeing people’s full profiles, and editing retweets before posting them.

However, the big draw remains the way the app hooks into the BlackBerry OS, sending you alerts for your direct messages, and tying into the camera for uploading photos. It also links in to various other BlackBerry apps, making it easy to tweet links for example.

Users are still calling for power features like Multiple Accounts, but if RIM is smart, it will keep updating the app with new elements over the coming months, to keep pace with the official Twitter apps on iPhone and Android, which have been widely praised.


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