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Twitter for iOS and Android now include two-step authentication

Security on Twitter has become a problem as of late, with several high profile accounts from personalities and companies having been compromised in recent months. The social networking site added two-step authentication to try and curb the problem, but the feature has been missing from its official mobile apps. That’s no longer a problem, though, as Twitter for iOS and Android have now been updated to include two-step login.

Previously, mobile users had to depend on text messages to log into Twitter without solely relying on their username and password. Twitter’s mobile apps now include push notifications for easy verification, eliminating the need for text messages and pesky authentication codes. And a new Security tab in the apps will let you keep track of your login attempts as well, making it much easier to spot any suspicious activity.

In addition, Twitter has added a social context option that allows you to “see how you’re connected to other users”. There’s also improved image results when searching from specific queries too with a new “View more photos” option. Think of it like Google’s image search, but for Twitter instead. And you can drill down into more granular detail if necessary – flicking through all the images from one particular account, for example.

Twitter has already pushed out the update to Google Play and the App Store, so make sure to update your client if you haven’t already done so.


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