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Twitter launches its official iPad app. And it’s awesome.

Be afraid, independent Twitter iPad apps. Twitter has launched its official app for Apple’s tablet, and we’re hugely impressed from what we’ve seen so far.

You start with a fairly clean interface to see your tweetstream, replies, direct messages and so on. It covers all the basic features too, including searching and Twitter lists. As with the iPhone version, you can set up multiple accounts too.

However, the big deal with Twitter for iPad is the way it lets you check out the stuff that your friends are tweeting about – videos and photos can be viewed within the app itself, using a pane-based interface that lets you swipe between these bits of content at will.

There are nifty little features like the ability to pinch and pull-down on tweets to see the conversations around them. It’s very slick, with hopefully more features to come in future updates. We’re not deleting Oosfara HD from our iPad just yet, but we’re certainly going to spend a few days with the Twitter app to see if it becomes our default client.


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