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Twitter implements new conversation view on iOS and Android

Twitter has rolled out a new conversation view for its iOS and Android apps. Instead of having to click through to see replies from other members, Twitter will now display the three most recent tweets in a conversation at the top of the home screen. The social networking site has tried to make conversations more visible too: a blue line will now connect the avatars of anyone talking back and forth.

While Twitter will only display the most recent replies, users can still click through and see the whole conversation with a single tap. The annoying thing about the new feature, though, is that it will regularly push ongoing conversations to the top of your timeline in the hopes of giving them more visibility. That makes sense as an attempt to get people to engage with each other more often, but it’s extremely annoying for people constantly keeping an eye on their timeline.

Finally, Twitter says that low-end Android devices should see some performance improvements with the latest version of the app. It’s now also half the size too, helping to cut down on space for anyone with an extremely limited amount of fixed internal storage.

The changes are already rolling out to Twitter for iOS and Android, so you should see the new conversation view once you’ve updated the app on your device.


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