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Is Apple bringing two larger iPhones to the table in 2014?

Apple is developing a pair of new iPhones with larger displays, and plans to release them this year. 

Apple is said to be planning the release of two larger iPhones for 2014, according to The Wall Street Journal. The new iPhones will have larger displays than the current 4-inch panel employed by the iPhone 5C and 5S; one with a 4.5-inch unit and an even larger 5-inch version too. Thiz new pair will also be made of metal, but will not feature curved displays. 

However, the plans have not been finalised, and could be changed – so don’t get too excited just yet. It also seems unlikely that, one year after its debut, Apple will remove the iPhone 5C’s design from the scene, although stranger things have happened.

Could the launch of larger iPhones be a sign that Apple is succuming to the popularity of big Android phones that so many consumers already enjoy. In 2012, the iPhone’s display size increased from 3.5 to 4-inches, whilst Android (and Windows Phone) phones have grown beyond the limits of what can realistically be considered a phone, entering into the misty middleground of the phablet.

Should Apple stick to its guns at the 4-inch mark, or would a 4.5-inch+ iPhone make more sense in the current smartphone market? Let us know by posting in the comments below. 


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