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Going full Tylt: A look at smartphone accessories where design is king

Toddy takes a look at a few killer supplements from stylish mobile accessory maker, Tylt.

Whilst smartphones might cost the big bucks, there’s also big business in mobile accessories and whilst it’s mainly comprised of tons of brands you’ve probably never heard of, there’s one I really think you should know about: Tylt.

Tylt’s kept a consistent aesthetic style across all of its products and boasts some genuinely intelligent design, allowing you to get more from your smartphone, so without further ado…

Syncable – £5.00

Starting with the basics, even the most mundane products feature smart design choices after undergoing the Tylt treatment. These Syncable cables use a flat ribbon lead to help prevent tangling and you can nab them in a range of colours (black, blue, red or green).

TYLT Syncable

USB and Lightning connector versions are available so you can charge and sync iPhones, Android or Windows Phones (and BlackBerrys if you really must), plus the base 30cm length gives you enough flex and reach without extra cable spewing over your desk.

Syncable-Duo – £19.95

If like me you wield multiple devices on a daily basis and at least one adopts Apple’s unique (read: inconvenient) Lightning connector, sometimes multiple cables just aren’t what you’re looking for. Thankfully the Syncable Duo cable packs the same flat ribbon design and comes in the same colour options as its less-versatile sibling, but integrates both microUSB and Lightning into a single lead.

TYLT Syncable Duo 1 TYLT Syncable Duo 2 TYLT Syncable Duo 3

The Lightning adaptor is permanently looped around the main cable so it’d be tricky to misplace and if you need extra reach you can pick the Duo up in 30cm, 60cm or 1 metre lengths.

Y-Charge – £19.99

Arguably one of the most unique looking accessories in this roundup is the Y-Charge, a bullet-style charge for your car with two ‘branches’ packing a USB port on each.

TYLT Y-Charge 1 TYLT Y-Charge 2 TYLT Y-Charge 3

The version test was a 2.1amp model, but there are beefier options for faster charging better suited to juicing up tablets as well as phones and any other USB-toting battery powered electronics. As with the Syncables, you can nab a Y-Charge in one of four colours too.

Energi Sliding Power Case – £89.99

The iPhone enjoys what is easily the largest selection of third-party case options out there compared to any smartphone on the market and Tylt’s offering is particularly interesting.

TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case 1 TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case 2 TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case 3

We’ve seen charging cases (phone cases with integrated batteries) from the likes of Mophie and Incipio before and their offerings will suit some more than others based on the design, bulk and weight, but Tylt’s solution is one of the most versatile around.

Along the lines of many tough cases, the Energi Sliding case uses a soft touch inner case that slides out and acts as a standard additional layer of protection to your iPhone, sans battery. Mounting it back into the battery section takes less than a second and the additional 3200mAh cell should be able to fully charge your iPhone once, and some. The only hang-up you might encounter is reaching the iPhone’s headphone jack, particularly if your headphones use an ‘L-shaped’ connector. There are also versions for the iPhone 5, 5S, 6 Plus, Galaxy S4 and S5 too.

Energi 5K+ – £64.00

Despite packing a mighty 5200mAh cell inside, the Energi 5K+ isn’t the most capacious power pack in Tylt’s arsenal, but it’s still good for two full smartphone charges (expect a tad less in real-world use though).

Energi 5K+ 1 Energi 5K+ 2 Energi 5K+ 3

The dual-cable design means you can juice up most typical smartphones via the integrated microUSB ribbon cable and the ‘+’ in the name references the inclusion of a Lightning connector too. There’s a full-sized USB port for plugging in other devices or a longer lead if you need a little reach, technically allowing you to power up to three different gadget simultaniously.

The Energi 5K+ is an impressive slim unit considering its contents, just remeber a big battery pack will take a lot longer to charge than your average smartphone.

What mobile accessory can’t you leave home without? Let us know in the comments below.


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