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Fancy an ice cream? Uber will deliver one to your door today

Would it be nice to have on-demand ice cream delivered straight to your office in the sweltering heat? Today you can. Uber – the luxury taxi service – will be delivering ice creams as well as swag throughout London today. Normally you’d book an Uber car through the iOS or Android app, but the company has added an “Ice Cream” option that will bring cold treats to your door.

Don’t expect a cheap cone, though. Uber is offering five ice creams for the grand total of £20, as well as various merchandise such as t-shirts and sunglasses. This is definitely designed for office collaboration, then, but it should suffice for individuals with a huge craving for ice cream too. And you’ll even have a choice between Mr Whippy ice cream and 99 flakes.

Better yet, you won’t need any cash when the ice cream van does rock up. Uber will automatically charge the treats to your account (via credit or debit card), and you can even split the bill with other Uber account holders. Still, it might be tricky requesting an ice cream truck. Uber says that it will be an extremely limited rollout across the day, so you may need to keep checking to see if there are any available.

The ice cream option will be live on the Uber mobile apps from 11am until 5pm, so get ready to check frantically for a truck.


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