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Ubrain promises a ‘digital tonic’ for iPhone music fans

Music has always been tied up with moods: you often choose tunes according to how you’re feeling – or how you want to feel after listening to them. A new iPhone and iPad app, Ubrain, aims to help with the latter part of that.

It describes itself as a ‘digital tonic experience’ that will ‘boost your energy, enhance your mind and change your mood while listening to your favourite music tracks’. This promise is backed up with plenty of blather about binaural beats and brain entrainment, stressing that there’s science behind this theory.

Anyway, in short it’s about laying beats over your favourite songs that will apparently affect your mood. We don’t quite understand it, but it sounds good. Using music to relax, wake up or focus makes sense, with or without extra binaural beats thrown into the mix.



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