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UK government promotes crime-proof phones


In 2009 the government-funded Desing Council challenged designers and technologists to make mobile phones and mobile data harder to steal, and to develop a solution to combat mobile commerce fraud. The winning teams would be given £400,000 to develop their innovative, marketable solutions. Next week three of the winning teams (shown in the video) will showcase their concepts at the Mobile World Congress. The teams were selected by a panel of experts, and then coached over an eight month period.

The winning solutions include: Tie, an encryption-based security system created by Rodd and TTP, which attaches your data to a SIM card and allows you to remote wipe your phone. Touchsafe, created by Proxama and Minima, uses NFC to authenticate mobile payments. i-migo, created by Data Transfer & Communications Limited and PDD, is very similar to Tenbu’s Nio and links your phone to a Bluetooth security device but unlike the Nio, the i-migo backs up your data automatically.


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