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UK selfie stick sales skyrocket despite bans and haters

Not even a thumbs down from Mickey Mouse and non-stop glares are enough to deter selfie stick fans, with more than two million photos taken in the UK every day with the blasted things.

Carphone Warehouse today revealed that the UK really is filled with dimwits, like we all suspected. The high street chain has sold thousands of selfie sticks in the last two months alone, with sales shooting up 300 percent after Disney announced a ban in its parks. And after Wimbledon culled the bozo rods, sales jumped once again by percent.

Southerners and Northern Irish folk are the biggest selfie stick lovers, with Buckingham Palace proving the most popular destination for a solo shot. If you think that selfie sticks are worse than penis cancer, you might want to move to Yorkshire or Merseyside, where the things are thankfully rare.

So far selfie sticks have been banned from most Premiership football grounds, as well as St Paul’s Cathedral, the O2 Arena and the National Gallery.


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